Fine Arts


Students of all ages receive training in the history and techniques of the Visual Arts.  Students work with different mediums and learn various forms of creativity.  We serve a creative God, and our students put the creativity that He has placed within us to bring Him glory.


Beginning in 5th grade, students may participate in our band program.  Our band hosts concerts, participates in Sherwood parades, competes in music festivals, perform at local hospitals and nursing homes, and individual students compete in All-Region and Solo & Ensemble competitions.


Students of all ages have opportunities to participate in performing arts.  Elementary students have weekly lessons in music and have regular performances.  Middle School students can choose to take a Performing Arts class in which they participate in choir and perform skits.  Some of the middle school students even joined a group of high school students to perform the annual school play.  This year’s play was Keeper of the Tales.